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The dogs on this page are placed in

homes with the understanding if it

doesn't work for you or the dog you can

bring them back. The $ fee will not be

refunded if you return them. 

This video taken today, 10/11/18

Taboo, and Diane are listed. Elizabeth is a Havanese. Sherry is a Shih Tzu that would need a very special home she is legally blind :( and the oldest. She has a forever home here I would only let her go to a soft pillow home :)


$50 Diane Havanese

11 pounds

Diane came to me without papers. I have no idea how old she is but I do think she is old enough she doesn't need to be having puppies anymore. I let her have 1 litter and she is a good mama and did fine with the whole process. Judging by her teeth I belive her to be between 6 & 8 years old but that is a guess :)


$50 Taboo DOB 7/12/10 8

years old 7 pounds 2