Lisa's Pets

love puppies

Baby Goats

BABY had 1 male, Billy $100 DOB 1/9/23

NANNIE had 2 females, Doelings

$300 bottle baby (Mom rejected)

$200 for the one Nannie is raising.

Parents before birth of

babies. Listen to the

videos for lots of


Nannie's babies are here!

Instead of fox in hen

house, it's goat in dog 


House breaking could be

that easy

First floor romp

Gotta Call her something,

PG, Princess Goat :)

Slippery floor fun

Melissa is smitten, better


I need someone to get this

out of my kitchen (heart) :)

Princess Goat 1/25/23

Princess Goat

Today is 1/29/23